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    Technologies > Gas Treatment

      ACRE possessed various kinds of COG treatment technologies which are available in many combinations so as to meet any specific requirement. Based on conditions of different material resources, by-product market, use of clean COG, running cost, ACRE is able to provide tailor-made gas treatment solutions to clients in new projects or rebuilding projects.

      COG Treatment Plant usually consists of gas condensation and exhauster unit, H2S/HCN removal unit, NH3 removal unit, benzol stripping unit and naphthalene removal unit. The main difference of several different gas purification processes lies in the selection of H2S removal and NH3 removal.


      H2S removal

      1. Wet oxidation desulphurization & decyanation process with NH3, typical desulphurization process : Tkahax, F.R.C and H.P.F

      2. Wet oxidation desulphurization & decyanation process with Sodium, typical desulfurization process:  A.D.A , PDS and Tannin extraction.

      3. Wet absorption desulphurization & decyanation process by vacuum potassium carbonate with product of element sulfur or sulfuric acid

      4. AS wet absorption (NH3/H2S circulation scrubbing) desulphurization & decyanation process with product of element sulfur or sulfuric acid


      NH3 removal:

      1. Water wash NH3, NH3 stripping and ammonia destruction ( or concentrated ammonia liquor) process

      2. Phosam process (absorbing NH3 with ammonium phosphate to produce anhydrous ammonia)

      3. Process of removal NH3 with sulfuric acid to produce ammonia sulfate


      Technologies of other units

      1. Gas primary cooling technology

      1) Indirect cooling process in two or three stages with /without tunnel trays

      2) Combined indirect-direct cooling process

      3) Direct cooling process

      2. Electrostatic tar precipitator technology

      1) Honeycomb ETP under positive/negative pressure

      2) Tubular ETP under positive /negative pressure

      3. Tar & ammonia liquor separation technology

      1) Tar residue crushing pump, vertical flushing liquor decanter and tar centrifuge process

      2) Heavy tar box and vertical flushing liquor decanter process

      3) Horizontal mechanical flushing liquor decanter and tar separator process

      4) Tar dehydration process by pressurization

      5) Tar residue removal process by centrifuge

      6) Coal water deoiling process by flotation/ filtration

      7) Coal water dephenolization and deoiling process by solvent

      4. Coal water distillation technology

      1) Heated indirectly by steam

      2) Heated directly by steam

      3) Heated by tubular furnace

      4) Heated by heat transfer oil / waste flue gas waste/ heat water from crude COG /flushing liquor

      5) Stripping under positive pressure

      6) Stripping under negative pressure

      5. Benzol removal technology

      1) Wash oil heated by tubular furnace

      2) Wash oil heated by steam;

      3) Benzol stripping under negative pressure

      4) Benzol stripping under positive pressure;

      5) Steam / Non-steam stripping

      6) Crude benzol / light benzene production in a single column;

      6. Naphthalene removal technology

      1) By low naphthalene containing wash oil

      2) By SOLAR oil

      3) By light diesel oil

      7. Dry gas fine desulfurization technology

      8. Environment protection technology by waste gas recycling

      1) Pressure balancing type waste gas recycling by injecting nitrogen;

      2) Pressure balancing type waste gas recycling by injecting purified gas


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