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    SOURCE: AUTHOR:acre_en DATE:02 September 2021 VIEW:
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    Client:  Formosa Chemical and Fibre Corporation /Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation
    Contractor: ACRE
    City of project site : Ha Tinh ,Vietnam
    Dates of signing contract / commissioning :

    Aug.7th,2012/Nov.27th ,2015(commission date of No.1 coke oven) 

    Aug.,2016 (commission date of No.2 coke oven)

    Feb.,2017 (commission date of No.3coke oven)

    Aug.,2017(commission date of No.4coke oven)


    Contents of project:

    - 4x60 top charging coke oven battery with chamber height of 7m 

      -Coal handling system

      -Coke handling system

      -Wet quenching system

      -Coke oven machinery

      -Process equipment

      -Coke wharf

      -Coal tower

      -Facilities for environmental protection
    Features of major design:

    -Facilities of environmental protection

      -Adopt large-scale coke oven batteries to decrease the intermittent emissions and continuous emissions from coke oven.

      -Adopt high pressure ammonia liquor,de-dusting charging car and dry type stationary bag house to control charging emissions.

      -Adopt a large-scale draft hood of coke guide car and sationary bag house unit to control emssions from coke pushing

      -Adopt water droplet catching device and double deflection type capture device with wooden structure to catach a great deal of coke fines and water droplet during quenching.

    Scope of contracting:

    ACRE had been responsible for complete basic engineering, detailed engineering, equipment& supply training, commissioning and technical service.

    Project Highlights:
    The compound 7m top charging coke oven batteries with partitioned regenerator are characterized by twin flue, waste gas circulation, under-jet and air side cut-in for lean gas & air along with provision of multi-staged heating for lean gas & air. There are blast furnace flue and air flue in the heating flue. There are three stages in vertical heating. The gas flow of the outlet of the third stage can be adjusted by banana bricks and optimize temperature distribution in the heating flue and meet the requirement of production and largely reduce NOx in the waste gas from heating.

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