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    R&D > State Level Technology Center

      ACRE outstands its peers and situates the only State-level Technology Center in Coke-making field in China. Systematic and intensive collaboration among researchers and engineers is providing new impetus to greatest engineering breakthrough and commercial promise technology.

      Throughout the research and development continuum, ACRE’s State-level Technology Centre is supported by multiple partner lines that are professional in designing and optimizing coke-making technologies. These partner lines include Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and Chinese Academy of Science etc. Through this pooling of R&D, ACRE aims to rapidly translate new technology into successful projects.

      R&D Center includes:

      ? Coke oven and hot work engineering research institute

      ? By-product research institute

      ? Architecture engineering research institute

      ? Electric and Automation engineering research institute

      ? Environment engineering research institute

      ? Engineering and technologies test center

      ? Simulation lab

      ? Remote diagnose center

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