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    ACRE Participated in the Web Seminar of Indian Coking Industry
    SOURCE: AUTHOR:acre_en DATE:20 January 2022 VIEW:
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    On Jan.14th, 2022, ACRE was invited by Indian magazine Steel and Metallurgy to participate in the web seminar of Indian coking industry. More than 60 experts from all over the world joined this seminor, to have discussion on the coking issues. Mr Shi Zhengyan, vice director of ACRE Indian company took part in this seminar and gave a speech on ACRE's clean coking technology. The representives of Indian steel companies, such as TATA, JSW, JSPL,RINL, SAIL also provided excellent speeches on the coking technologies and developments.

    In the peirod of Covid-19, ACRE is still paying attention to supplying excellent industry solution to our client. The seminor can provide a good opportunity for ACRE to help the clients resolute their coking concerns.

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