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    ACRE was awarded the contract of the waste water treatment by Hebei Xuyang Energy Co. Ltd
    SOURCE: AUTHOR:acre_en DATE:11 January 2022 VIEW:
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    Recently, ACRE signed the contract of the waste water treatment with Hebei Xuyang Energy Co. Ltd of China. The project is in BOT mode and the planed schedule is 10 months. The daily capacity is 2160t. The waste water processed by this project comes from the saline water of Hebei Xuyang Energy Co., Ltd. After defluoridation, the concentrated saline water is successively subjected to treatment processes such as softening and removing silicon, ultrafiltration, ion exchange, nanofiltration, COD separation, reverse osmosis, salt evaporation and crystallization, and finally achieves zero discharge of waste water. Zero discharge of waste water and green coking plant are ACRE everlasting goals.

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