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    2×120TPH CDQ of JSPL Steel India was Commissioned Successfully
    SOURCE: AUTHOR:acre_en DATE:28 December 2021 VIEW:
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    On Dec.21st, 2021, 120TPH CDQ at Angul Plant of JSPL in India was commissioned successfully. As an EPS contractor, ACREs scope is the engineering and procurement of 2×120TPH CDQ. This CDQ is another reference of ACRE after JSW-Dolvi 190TPH CDQ. The Covid-19 has a big influence on the project execution, so the technical supervision expert of ACRE can not work at the plant site. The ACRE engineers provided the technical supervision through online meeting system. Especially during the commissioning period, ACRE even provided 24 hours service online to make sure the successful commissioning of the CDQ. The project is the first overseas project that no supervision staff of ACRE on site. The milestone of successful commissioning helps strengthen the great friendship of ACRE and JSPL.

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