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    Business > EPC


      ACRE provides complete project building services (EPC, turnkey contract), from engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and performance testing for coke-making, by-product refining, refractory-making, lime kiln projects and other projects ACRE involved, including:

      ? Basic engineering for complete plant/project

      ? Detail engineering for complete plant/project

      ? Basic design and detail design for special equipments

      ? Complete set of equipment procurement and supply

      ? Complete set of materials procurement and supply

      ? Constructions on site

      ? Supervision and service on site

      ? Startup and commissioning

      ? Performance testing

      ? Training on site and off site

      ? Operation guidance and management /after-sale service

      ? Remote online diagnosis and maintenance sugestion

      ? Spare parts/components delivery

      ACRE provides different model of E+P+C contract as client’s requirement:

      ? EP      Engineering + Procurement

      ? EPS    Engineering + Procurement + Service/Supervision

      ? EPC    Turnkey Project(Engineering + Procurement + Construction)

      ? PM     Management for project building

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