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    Founded in 1953 in Anshan and now headquartered in Dalian China, ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation, a state-owned subsidiary of MCC, has developed in the course of its history into an international engineering company in the design and supply of a full array of portfolio technological solutions for modern coke-making and refractory-making plants.

    With more than 1000 employees in different disciplines, ACRE has a strong presence in places where modern plants operate. We offer customized solutions in term of consulting, engineering, procurement, turn-key (EPC) project and technical services etc.

    ACRE has successfully designed and commissioned 130+ EPC projects and 1000+ engineering & consulting projects, in which 2000+ coke oven batteries (total capacity amount to 0.4 billion t/a), 300+ refractory-making plants (total capacity amount to 8 million t/a), and 400 lime kilns (total capacity amount to 60 million t/a) fully attest to our fruitful engineering performances. In constant dialogues with the customers, we have completed an array of overseas projects in Brazil, Burma, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and South Africa. All these achievements have defined ACRE as the leading supplier in global market in coke-making and refractory-making industries.

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